The cuisine of Sutrio, which has remained almost intact and faithful to tradition, is very much alive and constitutes one of the most interesting attractions. Among the basic recipes of the kitchen we can find polenta and “frico“, simple fried cheese which was once the dish of the “boscadòrs” (woodcutters) or the soft frico, done with ; the famous “cjarsòns”, a sort of ravioli stuffed with ricotta and other ingredients (according to family customs) which, seasoned in abundant melted butter, constitute the typical Christmas dish. The Municipality of Sutrio is also fortunate to be able to boast several companies that produce excellent food famous throughout the region. Pro Loco Sutrio, +390433.778921

10 recipes, 10 countries, 10 ways of interpreting the Cjarsons. All different. Through the streets of the town you have the opportunity to taste the different flavors, the different souls that characterize a “poor” dish but with the complexity and richness of ingredients of a great restaurant. Ten villages of Carnia will be involved in this event and the visitor will have the opportunity to taste this ravioli with countless flavors and shapes, accompanied by selected Friulian wines.

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