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Pizza Grill & Maccaroni

In addition to the Bagatto room – where groups staying in the hotel eat their meals – our structure also has a restaurant open to the public: Pizza Grill & Maccaroni.

“Pizza Grill & Maccaroni” is a new brand that joins the Hotel alla Fonte and embraces 360 ° catering to satisfy all palates.

The restaurant offers three types of different services: a pizzeria, whose pizza dough boasts a maturation of the dough that can reach 96 hours, an “at sight” grill where the best selected meats are cooked on charcoal and a restaurant where the first courses are prepared with the extraordinary Senatore Cappelli wheat pasta.

To discover Pizza Grill & Maccaroni visit the website:

Guest reviews

9 November 2020 Tripadvisor

Good restaurant (part of the hotel) seemed very busy with people not staying at the hotel which is usually a good sign and the meal we had was great.

The Bar

The gin … smoked, please!

Discover an unconventional way to taste Gin!
Our Barman will introduce you to an unconventional way of tasting Gin, a distillate that admirably harmonizes precious botanical essences and juniper berries, giving you an experience of high quality.
There are many popular legends and beliefs that prescribe it as a cure for many diseases. Nobody knows if it really works … it is certainly a good way to remove the malaise of the spirit!

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