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Pizza Grill & Maccaroni

In addition to the Bagatto room – where groups staying in the hotel eat their meals – our structure also has a restaurant open to the public: Pizza Grill & Maccaroni.

“Pizza Grill & Maccaroni” is a new brand that joins the Hotel alla Fonte and embraces 360 ° catering to satisfy all palates.

The restaurant offers three types of different services: a pizzeria, whose pizza dough boasts a maturation of the dough that can reach 96 hours, an “at sight” grill where the best selected meats are cooked on charcoal and a restaurant where the first courses are prepared with the extraordinary Senatore Cappelli wheat pasta.

To discover Pizza Grill & Maccaroni visit the website:

Guest reviews

8 July 2022 Booking

Perfect accomodation for the long journey to the south. Staff can speak english fluently. And in restaurant have delicious pizza! Our big familly really enjoyed the stay. Thanks a lot!Nothing to say. Everything was perfect.

The Bar

The gin … smoked, please!

Discover an unconventional way to taste Gin!
Our Barman will introduce you to an unconventional way of tasting Gin, a distillate that admirably harmonizes precious botanical essences and juniper berries, giving you an experience of high quality.
There are many popular legends and beliefs that prescribe it as a cure for many diseases. Nobody knows if it really works … it is certainly a good way to remove the malaise of the spirit!

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