Dependance Family

Suitable for families
4 guests
  • local_parking
  • wifi
  • personal_video
  • shower
  • check_circle_outline
  • bed
  • fireplace
  • bathroom
  • ondemand_video
  • phone
  • dry
  • smoke_free
  • checkroom


A “mountain style” living unit with contemporary elements, the family room can accommodate up to six people. The rooms offer spacious and bright spaces, equipped with the main services, ideal for family and friends who want to share a relaxing holiday. This is the ideal accommodation to maintain your independence from the central body of the hotel without renoncing to the services offered by our hotel.

The family rooms of our annex consist of a double bed and two bunk beds.

The furniture and wooden floors make the housing unit extremely welcoming and warm.

All rooms are equipped with an independent thermostat for heating regulation.

A large and elegant bathroom with shower completes the layout of the room.

Outside the annex there is convenient parking for guests staying overnight.

  • king_bed 1 double bed, 2 two bunk beds
  • place 20 mt from the Hotel

Info and booking

Check-in: 14:00
Check-out: 10:30
For HB/FB treatments: 3 days - minimum stay.

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Services and equipment

  • local_parking Parking space
  • wifi WiFi
  • personal_video TV
  • shower Bathroom with shower
  • check_circle_outline Towels
  • kitchen Refrigerator with icebox
  • fireplace Heating
  • bathroom Bathroom with bidet
  • ondemand_video Satellite programs
  • deck Terrace
  • yard Garden
  • phone Phone
  • dry Hair dryer
  • smoke_free Non smokers
  • checkroom Wardrobe/closet
  • no_meeting_room Private entrance

Taxes and extra charges

Our prices are dynamic and can vary depending on the period / season.

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Suitable for families

Dependance Family

4 guests
  • local_parking
  • wifi
  • personal_video

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